Payza: the Next Generation of Online Payment

Welcome to Payza, the next generation of online payment. Payza is the world’s gateway to ecommerce, and it’s built on AlertPay technology. Since May of 2012, Payza has offered localized bank transfers, wire transfers, and currency exchanges to more countries across the globe.

If you already had an AlertPay account, you can still use it to login to the Payza system. You’ll notice several upgrades as a personal user, including unique security features designed to protect your account credentials and your wallet.

Payza reviews consistently say that Payza is the better  method to send money anywhere in the world instantly. With over 190 countries, and supporting 21 currencies, Payza is equipped to handle the personal and business banking needs of individuals participating in the multinational economy. Opening a personal account is free, and you can immediately begin to pay with confidence.

Payza offers email, live chat, and customer support, all with fewer fees to you. Sending money is always free when you use the Payza system. You can shop online, and send money to pay for the services you need, all from your personal e-wallet.

Payza also protects your personal details throughout the transaction, so you can transfer money without broadcasting your identity. With multiple options to either deposit money, or withdraw from your account, Payza is one of the most versatile options available to send and receive money online.

On the business side, Payza offers entrepreneurs a free account granting access to the Payza platform. With built-in fraud protection, and around-the-clock support, Payza offers one of the most comprehensive platforms for businesses in their early phases. Payza also offers free subscription billing options, enabling businesses to grow and offer sophisticated services.

Thousands of businesses and individuals have chosen Payza, and Payza reviews say the platform offers unbridled security. If you need a payment processor, or you conduct business online, sign up for your free Payza account for hassle-free transactions with low fees.

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