Payza Versus the Competition: Why 100,000 Business and Individuals Choose Payza

Payza has a unique advantage over other payment processors, because the system works in more than 190 countries around the globe. As a result, Payza also accepts more than 20 different currencies. Payza keeps its fees low, so small businesses and contractors can transfer money freely and bank at little cost to them.

Payza is an e-wallet, first and foremost, and its purpose is to allow customers to perform banking transactions online. Payza is designed to work seamlessly with businesses as well, allowing them to accept either one-time or recurring payments on a website. If you’re looking to sell goods and services online, you might be wondering what sets Payza apart from its competition.

Like most payment processors, Payza uses an SSL encryption to secure every transaction made on the platform. However, Payza also offers its “FraudMatrix” technology. Essentially a security check, FraudMatrix is designed to catch fraudulent transactions before they happen.

Transactions on Payza are immediate, so the money is in the recipient’s account and available for transfer usually by the time the customer has confirmed the payment. That liquidity helps small businesses stay afloat.

Payza also features SimplySendBD, which is a special technology designed specifically for sending money overseas to one’s home country. This feature is valuable to those who seek work outside their home country, as it’s often the only means to keeping family and friends out of debt.

What Makes Payza the Ideal Solution?

What makes Payza the ideal solution for businesses?

Payza is the first choice for more than 100,000 eCommerce businesses around the globe. These businesses process payments through the Payza system because it is quick, easy, and secure.

You can integrate Payza into your existing website, adding Payment buttons in just a few minutes. Simply choose a style that fits your website, decide whether you want to charge your customers one time or bill them monthly, then deploy.

Payza also offers a secure platform, which appeals to both businesses and the contractors they hire. The built-in FraudMatrix uses proprietary technology to scan for potentially fraudulent activity. The system flags these transactions, thus reducing the chances of fraud. Payza also uses SSL encryption to hide the personal information of the user’s who utilize the platform to send money around the Web.

Payza transfers money instantly, which means the recipient should have access to a payment almost as soon as it’s completed. In the time it takes for a customer to confirm the purchase, the money should be in your account. This is a huge boon for contractors and small businesses owners, who often rely on incoming cash flow to stay afloat and competitive.

Individual users can personalize their account with a Payza avatar. More than just a cute diversion, the avatar system is actually another layer of security in the Payza platform. Users with an avatar can confidently log into public computers to transfer money to and from their e-wallets with ease.

If you’re still not sure whether Payza is for you, contact the company support team. They can answer any questions you might have, and help create a plan that will fit the needs of you and your business.