About Payza Payment Processing

Since 2012, Payza.com has been a leader in the payment processing market. The company offers consumers an affordable method to transfer money, pay for goods and services, and transfer to local banks from the Payza e-wallet.

Payza grew out of the AlertPay system, which was a flexible method to send money online. The system used SSL encryption to cover up user identity, offering free accounts for individuals to send money over the Web. Customers with an AlertPay account were automatically converted to the Payza system as of May 14, 2012. Payza reviews are also available at the company’s website, so visitors can review real experiences and decide for themselves if Payza is the best option for them.

Today, Payza continues AlertPay’s traditions of not charging monthly fees, and requiring no contracts. There are some transactional fees, but the company prides itself in being a low-cost option for entrepreneurs and contractors working around the Web. Payza maintains both a dedicated sales and support team, ready to answer any questions you may have about the service.

At Payza, sending money is always free and secure. You can accept payments from over 190 countries, in more than 20 different currencies.

To learn more about Payza, or to read Payza reviews from real users, visit Payza.com.